Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Loving the summer weather

 The weather here has just been so nice. I know I have been saying that a lot but I just miss it so much that it makes me deliriously happy when it returns. 
 I didn't get any running in yesterday or any other cardio actually, other than running around town. Does that count? How about packing around a two year old? Does that count as weight lifting? 
 After I washed the floors and did some other housework I headed out to get the kids some flip flops/sandals. Couldn't have them in closed shoes with the hot weather, that would just be a bummer and would probably lead to some stinky feet. I got some cheapies for now until I can find something better. Ella was thrilled when she came home and saw her new flip flops. Doesn't take much to make a five year old happy, something to keep in mind really.....

 Once Ella got home from school we tried out a recipe from my Bringing up Bebe book that I showed you in an earlier post:Bringing Up Bebe . It's a yogurt cake that is fun for kids to make because you just use two 175ml yogurts and then you measure all the rest of the ingredients with the empty containers. It was a great idea and easy for the Ella to keep track. She made a mess but had fun. ;)

 I was very disappointed with how the cake turned out. The recipe said to use a loaf pan which I did, but after the 35min baking time it was far from done. I ended up cooking it a further 50(!!) minutes before it would pass the knife test and even then by the time it had cooled the middle was still like eating dough. Not sure what happened there but it ended up in the compost.

 I went out with my friend Amanda last night to watch a movie and we ended up seeing The Five Year Engagement: The Five-Year Engagement  . It was really funny, a little crude but I would recommend it.

 My sister in law and nephews are coming by to visit for the afternoon/evening. So excited to see them! :)

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  1. That book sounds interesting! How is it so far?? Other than the cake incident :(

    I've been wanting to see that movie! You recommend it???