Friday, July 27, 2012

Randoms and deals

We recently purchased some blinds from Home Depot so I had to share some pictures of the finished product. HD was having a big sale on blinds so it was the perfect time to cash in on something we really needed anyway. I won't show you pictures of every window but here is a small sample:

Our bedroom (above) is getting closer and closer to being completed, just need to do a bit of trim painting and get some artwork/photos up on the walls.

I am really happy with the blinds, the colour we ordered was chestnut and I think the dark colour really looks great with just about any paint colour. We also got the kind with the decorative fabric tapes rather than just having the string and I'm so glad we did, really finishes the look. If you can get in on an upcoming sale I would definitely recommend these ones, the brand is MaxxMar Window Fashions.

Now a couple little deals and such to share:

If you like to get hand soap from places like The Body Shop or Fruits and Passions than you will probably like this money saving hand soap that I think is just as good. It's Dial Naturals and it smells great and is on for a super deal at Wal Mart right now, only $1.77! I bought three. :) It's not normally really expensive, I can't remember the exact price but it was under $3. I have one in each upstairs bathroom and one by the kitchen sink.

This next share isn't on sale, it's more a product review. This Double Extend mascara from L'oreal has been out for awhile and I think I may even have used it at some point but after seeing it used (and raved about) on a make up tutorial I had to give it another try. One side is white and builds length on the lashes before you put on the regular black from the other side. This particular mascara makes tubes on your lashes and I like that for the fact that it doesn't seem to flake during the day, leaving you with raccoon eyes. It is easy to remove with soap and water, just hold your cloth over your lashes for a moment and then slide the tubes right off. Very easy. The colour I have is blackest black.

You may have heard me talk about BIC Bands before and they are having a second year anniversary sale. If you order two or more bands the shipping is free, just enter "2ND" in the coupon code section of your order to take advantage. The first 100 people to use the code also get a free limited edition "BIC Chick" band. These bands are great and are one of the few headbands I have used that really do stay put all day long. For me, most headbands slide off as soon as I put them on my head so I was happy to find these guys.