Friday, March 29, 2013

Pinspiration Friday

Today's Pinspiration post came courtesy of my yellow stained nails...I know..ick. :S Thanks to my fun St Paddy's Day nails where I used no base coat underneath the polish (bad an esthetician I should know better!) I have been left with these delights....

I searched around on Pinterest looking for away to get rid of the stains and came up with two different suggestions. I tried both.

The first was to combine 4Tbsps of baking soda, with 2Tbsps of 3% hydrogen peroxide and a half a cup of hot water.

Soak nails for one minute and rinse for beautiful stain free nails.

 I did two rounds of this and soaked for three minutes each time and this is what my nails looked like after. change.

The next suggestion from Pinterest was to soak your nails in lemon juice, which is of course what I did...yellow nails need to go!

There were a few different time differences for soaking, some posts said one minute, a couple said several, I soaked for five.

 This is what they looked like after, again no difference. Both pinspirations were a bust and I still have yellow nails... :S

So what am I going to do? You probably guessed it...I'm repolishing them to cover up the yellow, and I'll be doing it tonight before all our Easter guests arrive tomorrow (so excited!).

Have you tried anything from Pinterest lately? What were the results?


  1. I tried this pinterest nail trick a few times...each time it seems to not work ;/ i usually just have to buff it off the top layer

    1. It's too bad it doesn't work...yellow nails are the worst. :S