Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday deals and steals

Good morning! First I'll start with a quick update on how The Plan diet is going. Both Chris and I have continued to have headaches, and for me they get worse at night, we are also very tired and have achy bodies. I know, who would have thought right? This easy cleanse has actually taken it out of us and we've been sleeping 8-9 hours a night which is not the norm. I'm glad we started on a Friday and did it over the weekend.
 The best news is that at our morning weigh in I was down 3.2 more pounds and Chris was down another 1.4. That is 4.2 for me and 5.6 for Chris and it's only been two days. We've been eating a lot of food so hunger hasn't been an issue. Today is day three and the final day of the cleanse, tomorrow is back to coffee/tea and we start testing foods, starting with cheese (yay!). Today is the last day to enter the giveaway to win a copy of The Plan book for yourself so make sure you're included, details here.

Now for the shopping!

Isn't this colour block dress cute?! It looks so comfy and would be a great go to summer dress I bet. It's $58 but if you use the code CANVAS you get 30% off.

Keeping within the same colour theme is this beach bag from Tommy Hilfiger on sale for $28.

Love this pink blazer from Anthropologie on sale for 49.95.

Another sale piece from Anthropologie is this great summer skirt, regularly $148, on sale for $79.95.

And last but not least, my sister just signed up for Shoemint and got an amazing coupon for $40 off her first purchase, so if you have been thinking of doing it than now is the time.

This is one (of many) pair I'm loving right now:

Hope you're having a great weekend and don't forget to enter the giveaway!

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